Friday, August 14, 2009

Love Freedom, Respect Nation!

Love Freedom, Respect Nation!

Once again we smell the manure of freedom. 15 August, 2009. Another addition to our independent existence. A long and eventful journey of 62 years. And still, the tryst with destiny continues. We marvel and mourn, grow and groan, wander and wonder, crib and yet live. Mired in controversies, yet rarely tired. That’s India – of you and me.

What is that keeps us going, often in most difficult of the situations? A spirited approach or a reckless living? Perhaps, both. Let me try to explain. We have been traumatized by those two dreaded words – Swine Flu. The rising number of casualties and medical helplessness in curbing it presents a bleak picture for the near future. You walk into any public place and the fear of catching the flu is writ large on the faces. Sneezing, in recent memory, never invited so much public ire as it does these days. And if you exercise caution then it’s wisdom and not a foolish act. For the scare, to a large extent, is valid.

Yet, it failed to dampen our spirits on Janmashtami (which fell on August 14). The sea of people overflowed almost from nowhere on the streets of Mumbai and festivity exploded. The drooping India was suddenly vibrant. Who would believe that swine flu virus and dahi-handi were swaying together in the air. At least, we would. For, we are a nation of paradox and we revel in it.

This is no easy art of living, especially with tags like “emotional country” or a “soft nation”. We suffer yet know how to forgive. Even if someone decimates our population with an AK-47, we ensure that he gets a fair trial. How many nations in the world would appreciate it, leave alone emulating. But, it is somewhere in this weakness lies our strength. We value freedom – ours as well as those of others. Indian democracy has loopholes, but it’s not a failure. Freedom is misused in the country, but it still exists. We hate the khadi-clad but know can’t also live without them.

In short, we know how to live in contradictions. Oxymoron is India’s elixir of life. A nation where one finds the co-existence of Fear and Faith, Optimism and Pessimism, Joy and Sorrow, Hate and Forgiveness. I quote these because they are not identifiable with any caste or religion. Instead, they undeniably run in the veins of each Indian.

It is also beyond my comprehension how we manage to survive it all. However, like many I too complain and regale about such things. Fret and fume, muse and amuse. Still, I love the breath of freedom and also my country. Its patriotic fervour surely has a unique aroma. We tangibly feel it on 26 January and 15 August, but almost invariably breathe it round the year.

To each one of you, therefore, I urge – Love Freedom, Respect Nation. Even in a billion population, we derive our individual existence and identity from these two words.

Jai Hind


  1. welcome to blogsville sir.
    Nice post to start with!

  2. Yes my dear! The Unofficial navaratna has come of age and has given me a new dimension to your prosaic & poetic perception to creativity! Welcome aboard to the 'internetual' forum!
    Love Chander Mahadev

  3. Yes, my dear! You have given me an 'internet-ual' (not intellectual) perspective to your persona and creativity! The way to go, my dear friend, who I am sure, is on his way to becoming a hale & arty blogger. Love Chander Mahadev

  4. Very Nice blog!Very Well Written. Enjoyed reading it! Write more!

  5. Simple , Sobre and Just superb. Look forward to inputs and all that you love to share. I always share everything about me. Let the world know each and everything you have in you. No harm hiding. Blog is a channel of expression, to tell which you generally avoid while speaking. All the best Vijay.

    Sanjay M Johri

  6. Welcome to the new age connections :)
    A simple and nice prologue to a big step forward. Keep going.

  7. dil mange more!!!!!!!!wud luv to read ur poetry compositions as well..plz post sm of them on ur blog...

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